Welcome to the Chicago Acting in Film Meetup

If you're a working actor in film, we want you.

Founded in 2007, with the goal of helping its members become smarter Chicago actors, The Chicago Acting in Film Meetup, NFP (CAFM) has established itself as the premier co-mentoring and educational group for working film actors in Chicago.

This group is for actors committed to empowering each other to become a more positive and powerful force in our industry.  We offer you the opportunity to grow with us as we help shape the Chicago acting and production community. 

CAFM Casting Notice Protocol

CAFM wants to help you get the best talent for your project and help with effective communication between our actors and your production team. Just follow this check list when you submit your casting notices.

Information to include in your casting notice:

  • Summary of your project. Give a plot summary and a brief description of each character, plus the title and log line of your film.
  • List the age range, gender, ethnicity, and union status for each actor you need. Additional details such as hair color, height, body type, etc. will help you get the best submissions.
  • General filming location(s), and whether you can provide transportation or a stipend for travel.
    [This helps actors decide whether they’re willing to travel to you before they submit.]
  • Links to information about the director, producer and writer, including their demo reels and/or websites.
  • The sides for your script, and whether or not you’ll provide the entire script before filming. 
    [Some actors prefer to see the entire project before accepting a role.]
  • The estimated dates of work and time commitments for each actor.
  • Any pay or other compensation (like "meal and a reel").
  • The best e-mail and phone number to contact you for this project.

Once you have all of this information together, e-mail your casting notice to info@chicagoactinginfilm.org and we'll send your details out to our group. Or post it on our Facebook page to reach an even wider audience. 

Thanks for helping us work with you!