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If you're a working actor in film, we want you.

Founded in 2007, with the goal of helping its members become smarter Chicago actors, The Chicago Acting in Film Meetup, NFP (CAFM) has established itself as the premier co-mentoring and educational group for working film actors in Chicago.

This group is for actors committed to empowering each other to become a more positive and powerful force in our industry.  We offer you the opportunity to grow with us as we help shape the Chicago acting and production community. 

2014 CAFM Film Actor Generals

Welcome to the 2014 CAFM Film Actor Generals Reel. The auditions you'll see were taped in August 2014. Sides used for these auditions are taken from films and TV shows listed at the start of this reel. Please use the Generals Guide to reach the actors you'd like to cast.

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